Amazing Christmas Present!

Psst! Over here! Yep that’s right. It’s me. Apologies for the absence, first week back at work after the long Christmas break took a bit more getting used to than I’d anticipated.

I finally managed to catch up with my wonderful friend Kimmy the other day. We swapped Christmas gifts (and I managed to give her her VERY belated birthday present) and these are what tumbled out of the wrapping paper:

odd socks, Stripy socks

Not only are these my favourite kind of socks, stripy ones, they are also already odd. No more worrying about having to match them up, because you can’t! And have you noticed the true genius of this gift? There’s 3 socks! All different, so it means that when you take a “pair” out of the washing machine and find that once again the sock monster has gobbled one up, you have a spare. I LOVE them.

My favourite gift I gave was to my Mum.
It wasn’t the most perfect thing I’ve ever made, but I learnt a whole bunch of new knitting techniques and it was lovely to see how pleased she was with it.

Knitted bagpuss knitted bagpuss

The one thing I have learnt from this is that I really need to brush up on my sewing skills (note the wonky eyes).

What was your favourite gift to give or receive?


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