Cheap and easy teepee cushion

I made a tee pee for the Mini Beast’s first birthday. I got a super tutorial from and whipped it up in a couple of evenings.

teepee with large floor cushion


The casings for the poles were made from some upholstery velvety type fabric ( a devil to work with), some lilac dress fabric ( that I had never made into a dress) and a single duvet from a local home store that matches the wall paper in her bedroom. The poles were inch thick dowlings from B and Q that I cut down to size.

You will notice from the pictures that the poles are not wooden coloured. My sweet little daughter is called Mini Beast for a reason. She has a tendency to test things to destruction so the poles were wrapped with silver duct tape to avoid them splintering if she decided to plough into them.

I really wanted somewhere nice and cosy that she could go and take a book, cuddle teddy, plot more ways to distract me and get into my wool stash and maybe, just maybe have a sleep. That last part was seriously wishful thinking.

The types of cushions I had seen inside teepees on Pinterest all looked a bit firm and were quite high off the floor for someone who had yet to master getting down from things without falling on her face. I wanted something soft and squishy that was easily washable. Space is also at a premium in our house (ironic I know given that this post is about a tent in the middle of my living room) so it would be great if it could serve two purposes.

I was sorting through my fabric stash when I came across a double duvet that I had used half of to make a curtain for MB’s bedroom door. A quarter of the duvet cover would be enough to fill the space in the bottom of the teepee AND it was the bottom of the cover that was left so it still had the poppers on. A quick shimmy with the scissors and I was left with the bottom right quarter of a double duvet cover. (See pictures below for visual instructions.)


Teepee cushion tutorial


I then turned this inside out so it was right sides together. With the side with the poppers on at the bottom, I stitched the open side seams together and then the top seam so that I was left with a large square envelope with a poppered opening. Once I had turned it right side out it was time to come up with a stuffing.

Remember the need for it to do two jobs AND be washable? *Light bulb moment* Quick trip down to Argos for the biggest, thickest, cheapest duvet they did. I came out with a king-size, 15 tog polyfilled squishy lovely. Once home, I folded it into quarters, popped it inside the newly made cover and popped the poppers together. Et voilà!

A super squishy, fully washable cushion for the teepee and hidden storage for the guest duvet.

The duvet cover was about 3 pounds from a charity shop and the duvet was about 15 pounds. It took less than half an hour to cut and sew so it is a nice easy make and suited my budget.

It is also highly favoured by the cat, no higher praise could one wish for.

Let’s see your teepees and cushions. Email your pictures to and we’ll get them added to our pinterest board for all to see.



ElsieandBear is now open!

I’ve been planning this for a while and I’ve finally made it.

You can now purchase some original handmade goodies in our Etsy shop ElsieandBear . There are a few patchwork quilts on there and a couple of sketches. More will be added over the coming days.

ElsieandBear is named after my daughter and her constant companion, Bear. They go EVERYWHERE together and are just adorable.

If there is anything you see that you would like made to your specifications, please drop me a line at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you, happy shopping!


Happy Friday

Baby is at the childminders and I’m taking a break from sewing to have a cuppa and some wooly therapy. Yep, that’s a rusk. I’ve run out of biscuits. What are you all up to today?