How to make an origami crane

Morning all!

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Once you’ve had a perusal, grab your origami papers and get ready to fold!

You don’t have to use origami papers. Wrapping paper or any thinnish type of paper will do. I got a lovely pack with clouds on from Tiger stores. Sadly they don’t have an online shop and my nearest is about 60 miles away. *sob, sob*

I apologise for some of the pictures, they were taken during nap time so time was of the essence and the sun kept disappearing.

If your paper has a front and back, lay it face down on your work surface.


Fold the right hand side over to the left hand side and crease well. Open back out.

Fold the bottom up to the top, crease well and unfold.

FLIP! you should now have the pretty side facing you.


Take the bottom right corner and match it to the top left corner. Crease and unfold.

Repeat for bottom left to top right.

Turn the piece on it’s tip so it looks like a diamond. Lightly re fold the creases you made in the first two steps so that the paper is standing on the 4 corners.

Pinch the 4 corners together.



Put the top bit with the left bit and the bottom bit with the right bit and you will end up with a smaller diamond. Lay it down on the work surface with the open bit at the bottom and the closed point at the top. With me so far?


Take the topmost right corner and fold the bottom edge up to meet the centre fold. Repeat for the left side. Flip the piece over and repeat right and left on this side.

Fold the top point down, crease, then back up. Flip, repeat on other side.

Open the sides out so it looks like a diamond again. Pick the topmost piece up from the bottom and carefully open the shape out. you will need to give the creases at the top a bit of a poke from the inside. Go back over the creases once the piece is flat. Flip. Repeat on the other side.

Fold the upper most piece on the right against the centre fold. Repeat on the left. Flip.  Repeat on the other side.

This next step is a bit tricky to write down but easy to do so follow the pictures if I’m not making any sense. Squidge is a technical term.

Take the upper most piece on the right and lift it so that the side opens out a little. Fold the bottom point up and then squidge the side bits back together. Repeat on the other side.

They can be even or not. You’ve now got the head and tail with the wings in the middle. Choose which end is going to be the head of the crane. Open that side up a little and fold part of the tip down. Squidge the bits back together.


WINGS! We are nearly there!

Now, gently, very gently, but a little less gently if it isn’t doing anything, take a wing tip in each hand and pull. Gently. The middle section should start to flatten out. If it needs a little more encouragement, hold the wings closer to the body and pull again. BE GENTLE!!. or you end up with a ripped crane.


Now do a little dance! You’ve made your crane.

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Quick Free Crochet Patterns

Hi! I’m Katie and I have a making-things addiction.

Sometimes I need a quick fix. I don’t want to start a massive project, I just want to make something in 5 – 10 minutes and then I’m all good. For another hour or so at least.

So here’s my list of fabulous free, quick and satisfying makes. What are you waiting for?!

Crochet a heart in one round, here. Below is my attempt.  3 minutes, hurrah!

quick crochet heart


Super easy flowers here.

Buttons! Yes! Crochet buttons! HERE!

BALLS! here.

Now! Go forth and crochetfy!