Cloud dough!

Got a baby or toddler that loves to put things in their mouth? Who am I kidding? They ALL do.

It does make crafting with them or doing anything sensory a touch difficult. MB is now 15 months and likes nothing better than to ram something new straight into her face and deal with the consequences later. This is why I have avoided play dough and painting … until now.

Nikki, my tea drinking, cake eating, maternity leave partner in crime, introduced MB and I to cloud dough last week. There are a number of different ingredients you can use to make this depending on what you have in the cupboard and how old your little one is.

Baaasically, it’s 8 parts of some type of floury ingredient to 1 part (ish) of an oily ingredient. For face stuffing bubbas it’s a good idea to use either normal wheat flour or cornflour mixed with a cooking oil of some type. This means that whilst not overly delicious it’s not going to turn them some hideous shade of green and bring them out in buboes. For the not so gastronomically inclined you can use baby oil. This has the added advantage of making your hands nice and soft too.

Stick the ingredients in a bowl and mix it up with your hands until the oil is evenly distributed. This will not make a dough like play dough. It will look more like very soft sand. Until you squeeze it. Go on. I dare you!

Squeeze it!

Cloud Dough

Crumble it!

Cloud dough soft

Squeeze it again!

Cloud dough squeeze

You don’t want to give it to the kids now, do you?

You can colour this with food colouring but I haven’t had much luck colouring anything except my hands. If you do manage it, please comment below as I’d love to make some rainbow dough.

If you don’t have a child that will eat it I’d go ahead and add some glitter too. Everybody loves glitter. Send me pictures as we are probably a least a year away from glitter.

Next step, place bowl in suitable place, add child and take several steps back. Better still indulge in my favourite supervisory past time, drink tea and eat cake.

Elsie absolutely loved this when I poured the dough into a tray and added some of her toys.

We then decided to make it rain. Onto the tray, of course.

You can see the video over on our Facebook page.

The nice thing about this is you can hoover it up! Your hoover may not thank you for it but I gave up worrying about that 15 months ago.

If you have any other cloud dough variations or things you can add to it, leave me a comment below.

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Ciao for now!







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