Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013!

We kept New Year’s Eve relatively low key this year given that we were both feeling quite grotsome from the Christmas cold.
This meant that New Year’s Day was all ours whilst other people were sleeping off the festivities from the night before. We took a drive to a local village for a spot of lunch and then went for a walk. The river is incredibly high at the moment, this is the view taken from the bridge:


It was so lovely to finally not have the grey, dreary rain and drizzle that we’ve had for the last few weeks. I love how, even in the “depths” of a British winter, the sun coming out can make everything look so beautiful.

There is an old church sat part way up a hill a little further up the road.

Tucked all around it are beautiful little cottages


I realised last year that we spend so much time now days “living the dream” with the 9-5 rat race that we don’t always take the time to fully appreciate the beauty around us. Especially in the winter, you get up and go to work in the dark, stay indoors at lunch time because its raining, leave for home in the dark and before you know it you’ve not seen daylight for 5 days!

I don’t make resolutions as a rule, the rebel in me feels compelled to break them almost immediately, but I think a few small changes like taking a walk outside at lunch could really make all the difference.

I have a few yarny “not-resolutions” to make this year also. By the end of 2013 I will:

Make a hat that actually fits someone
Get over my double pointed needle phobia
Finish all the projects I started about 4 years ago ( I have already conceded that this may not actually ever happen)

What do you want to achieve this year?


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