How to Make an Origami Box

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I fancied a break from knitting the other day (shock horror!) and found a bunch of origami papers that I bought years ago. Here followed a few cranes and some lotus flowers, a jumping frog, the usual and then I remembered I needed something to put some easter treats in. Cue the origami box tutorial.

This box starts off with a piece of 12″ square cardmaking paper (picked this up from HobbyCraft, but you could also try Amazon) that I accented with some spring colours from my Pro Markers Set. The size of your card will affect the size of the finished box. The smaller you start the smaller the box and vice versa.


You will need to start with the coloured side of your paper facing down.  Fold in half horizontally, by bringing the bottom edge up to the top edge, crease and unfold. Fold in half vertically, by bringing the right side over to the left side, crease and unfold. Turn the paper so that you have a diamond shape.

Fold the bottom point of the diamond up to the centre and crease. Do NOT unfold. Repeat this all the way around so that you end up with a square shape again. Fold the right edge to the middle and the repeat with the left. You should now have a rectangle shape.

The paper starts getting a bit thick at this stage, so take your time and make sure the folds are sharp. Fold the bottom edge up to the middle line and then the top edge down. Undo all of the folds until you are left with two sides points folded into the middle ( 4th picture in the sequence below). You will need to do a reverse fold in the top left corner (5th and 6th picture below), make sure you crease it well. Repeat the crease on the top right hand side.

Bring both corners to the middle (as 1st picture below), then push this down into the box. The triangle at the top of the flap will become the base of the box (2nd picture below). Repeat the reverse fold on the corners and the prevous 2 steps and your box will be complete.

Give yourself a pat on the back and fill with goodies. Preferably edible goodies, which you can then eat. Om nom nom.

Happy boxing!



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