I’m back!


After a slightly longer than anticipated outage due to Baby Pickles, I’m finally back in the bloggersphere.

It’s been a manic few months. Bubs has learnt to crawl, eat, shout, stand, roll over, cuddle and sometimes sleep so I haven’t really had much time for knitty, hooky, sewey or bakey goodness lately. Big sad face. However, I have managed to sneak in a couple of patchwork quilts for the little munchkin and I’m currently in the process of designing a long wide scarf for my bestest buddy. She is due to have a baby bestest buddy in January and wants something that will help keep bump toasty. I should have the pattern ready for that soon!

There will also be some exciting news mid November that I can’t wait to share.

In the mean time, you stay classy.


psssssssst! only 106 sleeps ’til Santa!


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