Kid’s Activities when Mummy is Poorly No. 2 – DIY Puzzles

Are you feeling better yet? I hope so.

If not, here’s activity number 2. I have tested the ability to prep for this whilst lying with one arm dangling off the sofa, it is possible.

You will need:

A selection of small household items and/or small toys
A piece of paper
A pen

What to do:

Ask small person to go and find something exciting to do for 60 seconds and not to look.

Place small objects on piece of paper with a bit of space between each one.

Draw around each object with a pen.

Take items off piece of paper and ask small person to come back.

Upon their return let them know that they need to work out which item fits in which drawn shape. If you have a younger bairn, it maybe easier to show them. Once they’ve done it, ask them to shut their eyes, take the bits off again and then turn the paper upside down for a different angle. You could also chuck a few rogue items into the pile to make it a bit harder.