Quick and easy knitted mittens

Nice and Easy Fingerless Mittens

What with all the cold weather we have been having lately I thought I’d have a go at some fingerless mittens. After my sock knitting adventures (a post still to come), I am fully aware of my limitations when it comes to using more than 2 needles, i.e. two needles is my limit. Magic looping on a circular needle is fine but a bit tooooo faffy. One pair of flat-knit fingerless jobbers it is then!

Oh, and my dearest sister, if you are reading this you need to stop reading and looking right now because these make lovely Christmas gifts. Not that I’ve made you any *cough* honest!

There is no left and right to these so they are even easier to make, and if you are anything like me, to wear. I’m easily confused. 🙂 They are also knit from finger(less) bits to wrist.


You will need:

One pair of 5mm knitting needles
A ball of bulky/chunky yarn. I used Patons Shadow Tweed in shade 6917.
Stitch markers (optional but very helpful)
A darning needle

Cast on 32 stitches
Row 1: K2, P2 all the way across
Row 2: K2, P2 all the way across
Row 3: P2, K2 all the way across
Row 4: P2, K2 all the way across
Row 5: K2, P2 all the way across
Row 6: K2, P2 all the way across

Rows 7 – 11: K one row, P one row etc

Row 12: P to end, place stitch marker at beginning and end of row

Row 13 – 21: K one row, P one row etc

Row 22: P to end, place stitch marker at beginning and end of row

Row 23: K to end
Row 24: P to end

Row 25: K14, K2tog, K2tog, K14

Row 16 – 36: P one row, K one row etc

**If you want to make your mittens come further down your arms, just keep repeating rows of stocking stitch after row 36 until you have the desired length. **

Cast / Bind off leaving a fairly long tail.

Thread the darning needle and mattress stitch (click the words for a brilliant video tutorial) the two sides together until you reach the first set of stitch markers, fasten and weave in end. With a fresh piece of yarn restart your mattress stitch at the second set of stitch markers and continue until you reach the top. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Make sure not to stitch between the stitch markers or you won’t have anywhere for your thumbs to poke out of.

Make another.

Kapow! You have a lovely pair of fingerless mittens. Hooray!

May your Christmas be full of very warm wrists 🙂


P.s. if you have any feedback on the pattern, I’d love to hear it. Or you could upload your project in Ravelry and share your pics.

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    • Hello! If i was crocheting I would put the marker on the stitch but with knitting I put it on the needle in between the stitches so you can slip it easily and don’t have to put the needles down. x

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