No Knead Bread and Rainbow Yarn

Morning! And Happy Tuesday to you!

Well this last week has been full of lovely things. The Sun finally got its hat on ( hip hip hip hooray!) and little E thankfully dropped a night feed so we now only wake up somewhere between 1am and the dreaded 3 am. This extra sleep has meant I’ve finally had enough energy to try some crafty, homely things.

Wednesday saw me trying no knead bread for the first time. I saw the recipe first on Attic24’s site back in Jan. If you don’t have a pot with a lid to put in the oven you can use a Pyrex bowl and tin foil. You are looking to create a steam oven to bake the bread in so I recommend laying two lengths of foil out in a cross shape on the kitchen work top. When the pot comes out of the oven after its initial heating it is absolutely ROASTING hot (as you would expect 🙂 ), place the pot in the middle of the cross, plop your dough in and then pull the tin foil up and crimp/scrunch together over the top so you don’t have to touch the sides. Unfortunately, it all got eaten before I got a chance to take some pics.

My next loaf will hopefully have jalapeno and cheddar in it. Will takes pics and post progress asap.

I decided to treat my yarn stash the other week and signed up for Little Boo Yarns’ Rainbow yarn club, this is what the post fairy brought this week:

Little Boo Rainbow Yarn

Eeeep! Isn’t it gorgeous?! I shall be turning it into a bunny for E.

Sorry to type and run this week, the munchkin has just woken from her nap and is demanding food.

Hope you are all well, enjoy your week.


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