Giant cabled cowl

Hello all!

I found some lovely big, chunky yarn the other day whilst out shopping. It was the perfect excuse to get my 20mm needles out too, at last. R refused to come into the room until I had put them safely away as I looked like some kind of yarn crazed vampire hunter.

SMC super big wool in orange and 20mm knitting needles

If you too are itching for an excuse to use them and have a couple of hours to spare, try this pattern for a warm, cosy and above all enormous cowl. It is a cable pattern, and I doubt any of us have a cable needle this big, so check out YouTube for some tutorials on cabling without a cable needle. It’s a little scary at first but much quicker once you’ve got the hang of it.

You will need:

One ball SMC super big yarn ( I used shade 133)
One pair 20mm knitting needles
The biggest crochet hook you have, used for joining the two ends together ( I think I used a 9mm)

Cable abbreviations explained:

C10B – slip 5 stitches onto the cable needle, hold to the back of the work, knit the next 5 stitches from the left hand needle, knit the 5 stitches from the cable needle.
C10F – slip 5 stitches onto the cable needle, hold to the front of the work, knit the next 5 stitches from the left hand needle, knit the 5 stitches from the cable needle.


Cast on 20 stitches (use a cast on method with a bit of give)

1. Knit
2. Purl
3. C10B, C10F
4. Purl
5. Knit
6. Purl
7. Knit
8. Purl
9. Knit
10. Purl
11. Knit
12. Purl

Repeat these rows 4 times and loosely cast off.

Use the crochet hook to mattress stitch the cast on edge and the cast off edge together. I found it best to start on the end with the tail of yarn from the cast on and then match the stitches up from there.

Weave in ends and plonk over your head. You will have the warmest, cabliest neck in all the land.

Giant Cabled Cowl in bright Orange

Please do send me some pics of your finished cowl to and I’ll get them in the gallery.

Until next time….


The weekend in pictures

A few little piccies from the weekend. My goodness, didn’t it snow!

We had a pootle out in the car on Saturday and found a lovely farm shop that were selling goose eggs. They only had one left and there was much covetous looks from other ladies. But she who dares WINS!! We made an omellette with it and it was delicious and enormous! Next time we find one we are going to bake a cake with it.

There was a huge amount of snow on Sunday, I tried to get a picture of the flakes but they were falling too fast and melting on the path before I could get to them. I was intruiged by the lone piece of grass sticking up out of a snow mound though, must have been a tad on the chillybeans side.

I did a pre easter run on the choccy cornflake nests and made a little origami box for them to go in, instructions detailing both will be up this week. We have none left, you have to keep your energy levels up during a cold snap or you may freeze.

And in other news, the cat has decided that sitting in front of me until I move whatever is on my lap so she can sit down has no got old and takes too long. She now just plonks herself firmly on top of what ever is it I’m looking at and goes to sleep. I like the initiative.

I hope you all have a lovely start to the week. See you soon.




How to knit a leaf

Hello all! Spring apparently has sprung although, judging by the vast quantity of snow that has appeared over night, you wouldn’t think so.

Why not tuck yourself up and stay out of the cold by knitting some of these lovely leaves.

You will need:

DK yarn in a shade of green
4mm needles
Darning needles (for weaving in ends)
Pair of scissors (for chopping off ends, snip, snip)

How to make:

Cast on 3 stitches

1. K1, M1, K1, M1, K1
2. P across
3. K2, M1, K1, M1, K2
4. P across
5. K3, M1, K1, M1, K3
6. P across
7. K4, M1, K1, M1, K4
8. P across
9. K5, M1, K1, M1, K5
10. P across
11. K6, M1, K1, M1, K6
12. P across
13. Sl 1, K1, psso, K11, K2tog
14. P across
15. Sl 1, K1, psso, K9, K2tog
16. P across
17. Sl 1, K1, psso, K7, K2tog
18. P across
19. Sl 1, K1, psso, K5, K2tog
20. P across
21. Sl 1, K1, psso, K3, K2tog
22. P across
23. Sl 1, K1, psso, K1, K2tog
24. P across
25. Sl 1, K2tog, psso

Fasten end, weave in loose bits and block.


Stay tuned for some beautiful flowers to go with it.


Lace Knitting and a Confession

Good morning all,

So, I think I had better start with a confession. It’s a socky confession. It’s an “I got frustrated with it so I put it all back in the the cupboard and I’m ignoring it” type of confession. Yes, yes. I know my non-resolution was to get to grips with DPNs, which I am far more capable with than at the beginning of the year, but I have realised I don’t quite have the patience for going round and round in little circles just yet.

I am a truly impatient knitter and I don’t care who knows it. I’m also a little bit of a knitting magpie, as soon as I see a beautiful new stitch pattern, rainbow ball of yarn or shiny new project I get a bit side tracked and must start it RIGHT AWAY!

So that is how I have now ended up with said socks, an enormous blanket, a hat, numerous embelishments, a secret kitten related project, a cowl, the front of a jumper and my first attempt at some lace knitting.

I’ll post some pics of the lace as it progresses. It’s being knit up in Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn in shade EQ (Rainbow). I’m so excited to see it finished.

What’s your favourite way to block lace? Some people are suggesting blocking wires, others pin it, some people use bits of string. Any suggestions are most welcome.

See you soon.