Sock knitting with 4 needles and two hands

Last year I thought I’d challenge myself and knit a sock. I bought a kit, cast on, just about managed to get it joined in the round without twisting and then all hell let loose.

There were needles getting in my way and stabbing me in the hand, my stitches were sliding of the other end of the double points and I couldn’t manage to get a proper join at the beginning to stop it all unravelling.

In short, I needed at least four more hands and far more patience. So I put the kit away at the back of the cupboard. As you do.

If you remember, one of my non resolutions this year was to get to grips with dpns. So last week, I dutifully picked the kit up again and settled down for another go.
5 un picks later, I have an inch of a top down sock which I’m really rather pleased with. Oh and a new pattern that makes sense, I do find that helps.
beginning of a knitted sock

Watch this space, for at some point this millennium we may even have a finished pair!

What was your first sock knit like?


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