The weekend in pictures

A few little piccies from the weekend. My goodness, didn’t it snow!

We had a pootle out in the car on Saturday and found a lovely farm shop that were selling goose eggs. They only had one left and there was much covetous looks from other ladies. But she who dares WINS!! We made an omellette with it and it was delicious and enormous! Next time we find one we are going to bake a cake with it.

There was a huge amount of snow on Sunday, I tried to get a picture of the flakes but they were falling too fast and melting on the path before I could get to them. I was intruiged by the lone piece of grass sticking up out of a snow mound though, must have been a tad on the chillybeans side.

I did a pre easter run on the choccy cornflake nests and made a little origami box for them to go in, instructions detailing both will be up this week. We have none left, you have to keep your energy levels up during a cold snap or you may freeze.

And in other news, the cat has decided that sitting in front of me until I move whatever is on my lap so she can sit down has no got old and takes too long. She now just plonks herself firmly on top of what ever is it I’m looking at and goes to sleep. I like the initiative.

I hope you all have a lovely start to the week. See you soon.