Mini Christmas bunting pattern

Why hello there! Nice to see you again!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I am now officially allowed to sing Christmas songs in the office, I am spreading Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear. And, do you know what? I think it’s working. Hurrah!

We put our Christmas decs up last week and we’ve been staring at the fireplace wondering what on earth to do with it. Sunday, left to my own devices, I found the solution! Mini Christmas bunting!

And here it is just for you…..

Mini Christmas Knitted Bunting

Mini Christmas Knitted Bunting

You will need:

DK yarn in the colours of your choice (I used red and white)
1 pair of 4mm knitting needles
3mm crochet hook

Terms used :

k. Knit stitch
p. Purl stitch
p2tog. Purl two stitches together

For the mini mini bunting ( the stripy ones):

With white, cast on 10 stitches.
Knit one row
P2tog, p6, p2tog
Change to red, knit one row
P2tog, p4, p2tog
Change to white, knit one row
P2tog, p2, p2tog
Change to red, knit one row
P2tog x2

I alternated the colour stripes, but you can change them up to suit your colour scheme or knit them all in one colour. Make as many as you need, then get ready to crochet.

Choose a colour for the string that your bunting will attach to, I chose red.

With the 3mm crochet hook, chain 10, then one double crochet (this is a UK double crochet, a single crochet if you are visiting from over the pond) into each of the stitches on the cast on edge of one little triangle, chain 6. Repeat this process, chaining 6, then double crochet into the cast on edge of a triangle until you’ve done your last one. Chain 10 and fasten off.

Et voila! Lovely little mini bunting.

N.b. The larger one you can see in the picture was made by casting on 20 stitches and then following the pattern, decreasing 1 stitch at each end of a purl row, until I had 2 stitches left. Cast off as normal.

I hope you found this useful. I’d love to see your Christmas bunting too.

One fireplace down, one to go. 🙂

Happy knitting