How to make pom poms – mini pom poms, fork method

I love mini things and these super-easy mini pom poms are no execption.

You will need:

A fork
Yarn – 4ply works well, you can use DK (as I did in the pics) but it’s a bit more fiddly.


Take the fork and place the end of the yarn through the middle of the prongs from the back to the front, leaving a longish tail. Next, wrap working yarn around all of the prongs, approx. 50 times. Cut the working yarn from the ball leaving a 15cm long tail. Thread the tail through the middle of the prongs at the bottom and wrap it around the wrapped yarn, making a bow shape. Tie in a tight knot with the other end. Slip the bow shape off the fork.

Take a pair of scissors and VERY carefully insert them into one side of the box shape. Cut the loops of yarn in half, taking care not to cut the yarn wrapped around the middle. Repeat on the other side. It looks a little flat right now, but fear not. Roll the pom pom between your hands to shape it into a ball and then snip, snip, snip it into a more refined shape.

Make these in lots of different colours and tie them together for a fun, rainbow posy. These would also look lovely in different hues of the same colour.