How to Make an Easy Seed Stitch Knitted Bow

It’s Friday!!!! And I’ve gone mad for little knitted adornments. Can you tell?

Pom poms last week, butterflies on Monday, seed stitch bows on today, what will next week bring?

Here’s a quick tutorial to make a pretty seed stitch bow that you can put on pretty much anything. Ok, actually everything, why limit yourself!

You will need:

Yarn, the heavier the yarn the bigger the bow – I used Forsell Shamal 4ply
A pair of needles 0.5mm bigger than the recommended – I find this gives it a bit of drape but not too much. Use a smaller size if you want a stiffer bow.
A darning needle


Cast on 15 stitches. Knit 1, purl one to the end of the row. Repeat this row for a total of 30 rows. Cast off loosely, weave in all ends. Thread a length of yarn, approx 30cm, onto a darning needle. With the thumb and index finger of the hand not holding the needle, pinch the middle of the knitting so you get two even ridges. Sew the middle together with a few stitches and then wrap the remaining yarn aroung the middle of the bow. Fasten off yarn and weave in ends.

If you add a brooch back or even a safety pin to the back of these you can pin them to hats, bags, scarfs and change the look when you feel like it. Make lots and give them to your friends, lets start a bow revolution!

I’d love to see pictures of your bows and how you’ve used them. Pop over an see me on Ravelry where you can upload your pics and check out my other patterns.

May the bow be with you….