How to make a knitted butterfly

Happy Monday all! And what a beautiful day it is. The sun is shining and even the catpuss has ventured outside.

I’ve continued with the embellishment theme from last week. This week’s offering is a knitted butterfly. Nothing too fancy or complicated and you just need to know how to do the knit stitch. A little bit of sewing is involved but, given that I sew like I’ve got a pair of mittens on, it doesn’t have to be super neat.

You will need:

Dk yarn – I used King Cole Riot
A pair of 4mm needles
A darning needle


Cast on 40 stitches, knit for 16 rows and cast off loosely. Use one loose end to sew the two short ends together to make a circle. Using the other loose end, wrap it tightly around the middle of the band to make a bow shape. Tuck this end in.

Cut a long piece of yarn, approx. 45 cm, and thread onto a darning needle. Push the needle between the wrapped yarn and the band at the back of the butterfly, come out the other side and repeat to secure the end. Wrap this yarn around the middle of the bow shape like you did with the loose end to fatten the body up a bit.

Next put the needle between the loop of one side of the bow and bring it out in the centre of the side of the loop facing you. Pull up and turn the bow shape over so that the yarn on the needle is now at the back and the opposite side is facing you. The needle now goes back into the loop in the middle of the side facing you, ensure that the yarn on the needle is showing on the outside of the bow loop, and through the wrapped middle of the butterfly. It should pop out between the two sides of the opposite loop. Give a little tug and you should see the bow loop pull in in the middle, creating the two side wings of the butterfly. Repeat this process on the other side.

Once you have tugged the 2nd wing in and you are happy with the shape, you can pull the wings into shape, wrap the yarn a few more times around the body and secure the ends.

And there you have your butterfly!

Knitted butterfly

Happy flutterbys!


How to make Pom Poms – Using Cardboard

Morning all!

I’ve got a thing for embellishements lately and you can’t get one much easier to make than a pom pom. These are brilliant things to do with the kids over half term as well. This tutorial talks you through making a 5-6 cm pom pom,  more sizes will follow in later posts so stay tuned.

You will need:

An empty cereal packet or other sturdy card
DK yarn cut into 1m lengths – you can use all one colour or mix it up
A pair of sharp scissors
A circular object approx. 6cm wide and another about 2cm wide


Take your card and fold it in half, place the large circular object on the card and draw around it. Take the smaller circle and place it in the middle of the big circle and draw around it. Hold the folded card tightly and cut around the large circle. Fold in half and cut out the inner circle. You should be left with two doughnut shapes.

Place the two circles back together again and take the first length of yarn. Thread it through the middle of the circles and then start wrapping the yarn around the card, through the middle over the top and back through the middle again. You don’t need to worry about securing the end of the yarn, just wrap over it a few times. When you have finished the first length, repeat the process with the next piece of yarn and continue in this manner until you have enough layers. The more layers you have the fluffier and denser the pom pom will be.

When you are happy with the colours and number of layers, you need to pick up the scissors. Holding tightly to the pom pom with one hand, start carefully snipping the yarn at the edge until you can see the edge of the two pieces of card. Insert the scissors between the two pieces and continue carefully snipping the yarn all around the edge. When you have got back to the beginning, place the pom pom on the table and take a piece of yarn approx. 20 cm long. Wiggle the yarn inbetween the pieces of card, loop it around and tie the two ends together in a tight knot. You can now take the card off, you may be able to carful tease them off or you may have to cut them off. Fluff the pom pom up and give it a trim to neaten it.

Et voila! A pom pom. You can add these to hats, put them on bags, make lots and thread them onto a crochet chain to make a toasty warm scarf, the uses are endless. I’ve also found they make good cat toys.

Pom pom on!!!