Time for change

At this time of year, some people start their spring clean. I’m bucking the trend and just putting it all into boxes.

One of the most exciting things for 2013 is the “consolidation” of mine and R’s houses. And yes, before you ask, he has seen the yarn stash and has been very inventive about ways we can make room for it, hurrah!

Stash bags

Stash bags

Typically I abhor moving house, it’s stressful, costly and it’s change. Lets face it, no one likes change.

This time however, it just seems right. I’m moving to a home not a house. It’s the start of a great adventure and one that I cannot wait to jump into with both feet.

Change is a funny thing. Most of us, if we are being honest, don’t like it. It’s not just the big things like house moving or a new job, it’s trying new things, thinking new ideas.

Before I could drive, I used to get a lift home from work with a colleague. Every day without fail we went exactly the same way home. One day there were road works that caused a traffic jam. After 5 minutes of not moving, I asked him if he fancied taking an alternative route. A look of sheer panic spread across his face. We sat in that traffic jam for an hour. It was the same route he had taken for 15 years and we’d get home eventually.

If you are happy to sit in a traffic jam for an hour because its the way you’ve always gone, it’s what you’ve always done, what else are you compromising on?

It’s not the actual change that stops you. It’s the fear of what the change will mean, what it will bring. It’s the fear of the unknown. For some things that fear is useful, it stops you being too gung ho about the whole thing, it allows you to go in with a degree of caution. Great when you are thinking about a career change or taking up a new extreme sport. Do you really need it when you want to cook a chili instead of a spaghetti bolognese? When you want to take up a new hobby or change your hair colour?

New things aren’t scary, they are just new.

I am by no means a person that whole heartedly embraces change in all its wonderful forms… yet. For me, starting this blog was incredibly worrying. My friends aren’t bloggers, my family don’t really do “the Internet”, I had nothing in my world that I could compare it too and I was worried that people wouldn’t be interested. A blog about knitting, yarny things and general chit chat is so far removed from my normal daily work, sitting in front of a computer forecasting future resource requirement. My first thoughts ( which are normally the most treacherous) were ” How can I do this? Why am I doing this? I won’t be any good at it”. After an encouraging chat with R, I realised that nothing dreadful was going to happen if I started writing things down for other people to read. A month or so in and I’m so happy that I listened to him. Nothing dreadful has happened, on the flip side I haven’t changed the world, but I never set out to. I have started to explore what I can do with my skills and if it encourages more people to do the same then I say “hooray”!

I think the key here is baby steps. Change a few small things and see what happens, you will be pleasantly surprised.


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