Top 10 knitting and crochet blogs

Morning all,

Got a few spare minutes? Then grab a cuppa and some biccies and take a look at my top 10 favourite knitting and crochet blogs. (In no favouritism order)

  •  Attic 24 – If you are a fan of colour and crochet then this blog is definitly worth a look. Lucy also takes beautiful pictures of the countryside that surronds her lovely home. I can quite easily get lost in this blog for a good couple of hours.
  • Knitting to Stay Sane – Lovely lace and how to blog. Beautiful pictures and well written explanations.
  • Fresh Stitches – Brilliant amigurumi site. I want them all!!
  • Knitted Bliss – I get knitting urges and hunger pangs reading this some. Some delicious foody bits as well as well presented knitty bits.
  • Beloved Knits – everything from teeny babies to adults and everything in between. My favourite are the ladybug booties.
  • The Vintage Knitter – A super blog written by a lover of all things vintage.
  • This Lovely Life – not just knitting and crochet (so a bit of a cheat in this list) but it’s BEAUTIFUL. I’m currently looking for somewhere that needs a set of polka dot drawers.
  • Damn it Janet, Let’s Crochet! – Not only do I love the name of this, I really like the cute kitschy makes.
  • Coop Knits – A socky, yarny knitfest! I.Love.It. Aaand, she has a new book out!
  • A Stash Addict – Colour, bloggy bits and yarn shopping all in one place. And lots of colour. Rainbow colour, sparkly colour, colourful colour. And some cracking interviews with other crafters.

 Have a gander and let me know your favourites too! It is also perfectly acceptable for your favourite blog to be your own 🙂


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